BECOME. WHOLE is a transformative live gaming experience, traversing sensations, emotions, material, and ethereal synergies. It allows You to explore the fluid virtual universe and listen to what it has to say. It allows You to embrace the surreal state. Feel the inflow, affect the landscape, let it change you. You can explore multiple levels, meet avatars and meditate, and grow with Peaches.



Select Your Avatar

Listen to the Beings in Between

Breathe out the Ice Dust

Choose the Level


~ Journey Into the Whole

Sprint through the SensualityLandscape

Collect the Peach Points

Arrive at the TransformationTemple 

Enter the Namaste Meditation with Peaches


~ Metta Meditation Experience

Abstract Exercise in Self-Love

Enter the Gates to Trigger Meditation Monologues by Peaches

Rewire the Mood / Travel into Yourself and Beyond





Pussykrew and Peaches are both praised and known for their ability to be bad asses. They are trail blazers and not afraid to express a point of view, a power to be open and powerful. How did they form this? What was in their past. What needs were met and what was not accepted. What hurt them in the past or didn’t give them what they needed. How did they move past these. How did they get this power? What led them here. What armour was created to protect them. A very powerful armor that shut out the deep pain of the past. 

Shut down the past traumas and avoid triggers. This armour served them and gave the strength to create their ego identity. The way they move in the world. The way they are seen. Pussykrew and Peaches are now established in their ego armour and at comfortable places in their work. Both Pussykrew and Peaches have thrived on travel and the privilege of constant work. At what point does the work control them instead of them controlling what the work is and how it unfolds. 

It is time to become whole or fall into the hole. They know who they are but do not want to get stuck.

Shut down by the past. 

Inspired by the shutdown. Pussykrew and Peaches want to become whole. They want to use this opportunity to also help us all become whole. Deepen the self. Look at the holes in our personal emotions and mental states and fill them in or at least explore. Explore inside. Use Technology and self-care together. Ask uncomfortable questions and stay with them. Meditate on them. Feel things that are painful and accept that this is a part of us and not a weak part of us but an important part. 

How the technology can help us explore inside and bring it back outside again with ease. 

Pussykrew and Peaches work usually takes no prisoners. Bringing light to body positivity and exploring gender freedom. They challenge us to accept and join in. Now both Pussykrew and Peaches want to challenge us and themselves in a new way, the way to vulnerability. They want to guide us all through and bring awareness to our own vulnerability so that we can come out the other side stronger and with more depth. Bring on more creativity and more edge. 

Create a wholeness.


Online gaming experience by Peaches and Pussykrew

Supported by CTM Festival Berlin, as part of Cyberia Virtual Space

Direction + Dev : Pussykrew

Game Play + Creative : Pussykrew & Peaches

Sound Design + Spoken Word : Peaches

Type Design + Logo : @kstihu + @heimercore